Why I Recommend Splitgate

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Splitgate is a fast-paced, fun, free FPS. The gunplay is solid and very inspired by Halo. This adds portals, which are very fun and keep things interesting.

The map pool is very diverse and well-designed. The maps are good-looking, creative, and fun to play on; and there’s enough maps that you don’t feel like you’re always playing the same couple maps. It even has a map builder to make your own.

It has all the game modes. You want to just play deathmatch? Splitgate’s got you. You want King of the Hill? That’s here. Oddball? Shotty Snipers? SWAT? Fiesta? There’re all here. You can play what you want and without feeling pressured by FOMO techniques like in many modern game like Halo: Infinite.

Finally, it has decent monetization. It’s free-to-play with a cosmetic-only store. My main criticism with the game would be that the menus look a bit chintzy, but there’s no gambling or other abusive monetization.

I highly recommend this game!